Are you planning to start a new business venture in Dubai ? Besides ideation there are many other major aspects one should keep in mind before starting a successful business venture in Dubai. Dubai is one of the world’s most ideal places for startups to kick start their business with high yieldings. With its strategic and world central location its very easy to expand and sustain your business globally than any other place in this world. It’s multi cultural habitat blooms the presence of your business to multiple horizons geographic location is one of the major aspects which counts very well to the major benefits of starting your own business in Dubai.
The Dubai government offers different types of business systems to be chosen from by foreign investors. Primarily there are some major selective options, either you can setup your company as L.L.C or as a Free Zone Establishment (FZE) / Free Zone Company (FZCO). It completely depends upon your requirements to go ahead with your desired selection as both options have their own pros and cons. Setting up a company in Dubai is usually instant and straight forward. Although i am not a registered expert in the fields of company formation but establishing my own business lead me to these conclusive points which i believe should be know by anybody who is going to start a business in Dubai.

There are also some additional points which one must consider before initiating the venture, few most prominent points are:

1. Know your target audience: one must cover an in-depth analysis into knowing the exact audience type you want to cater with your services or products.

2. Define online Marketing Strategy: without any concrete online marketing strategy you brand or business will stand in no where world, for the right and accurate exposure it is very essential to deliver the desired message to the respective audiences.

3. Study your competitors: Highly recommended and very effective, know and study your competitors the way they operate and work should give you the very concentrated in-depth knowledge about the things.

4. Build Network: The best thing about Dubai which i truly admire is that Dubai is a regional hub for events and meet ups of almost all respective business categories.Building a good and stable network with companies and individuals related to your business is a key point to achieve a long lasting presence in the market.

These are few major aspects which i believe really add on to the strong presence of your business in Dubai.